The HUNT for RED TREASURE is a great 48 minute video that is extremely entertaining for both the experienced diver and the novice diver. Actually, this film is exciting for the non diver too. It depicts the true hunt for the giant abalone of the California north coast. The film was released for sale in 2007. It was filmed and produced by Ken Baily, Jack Likins, and Richard Lewis.


This video is not meant to and does not, demonstrate the use of equipment, techniques or in any way suggest that free diving or abalone diving should be practiced by anyone. People who choose to dive must have proper education, training, physical health and ability.

Order this video from "Seadreams Productions" at kbseadreams@hotmail.com  or go online to Leisure Pro and look under DVD's.



Warning: This is not an instructional video!



 Pictured above: Brandi Easter, Danny Sigala and Richard Lewis,  Jeff Centoni, Matt Lum, Dwayne Dinucci, Erik Owen, Ken Baily, Richard Lewis, Jack Likins.